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Pizza Time

About Us

Pizza Time is a family owned and operated business since 1988 and is established in the Old Trevor Fire House. Stop in and take a look back in time at the old memories and antique fire fighting equipment proudly displayed on our walls.

Stop by on lunch, or contact us for dinner tonight! See why many people are calling Pizza Time "Trevor's Best Kept Secret".

Our goal is to help you enjoy the little things in life that matter. So eat delicious food. But most of all, relax!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

Lunch Special

Two is better

Indulge in our delightful lunch special featuring two Vienna hotdogs paired perfectly with a generous serving of golden, crispy fries,

Join us for a satisfying lunchtime treat that's sure to entice your taste buds without breaking the bank.

7 days a week 11am until 4pm

Only $8

Pizza Special


Indulge in two slices of our delectable homemade pizza accompanied by a refreshing drink. Savor the irresistible flavors of our freshly baked crust, rich tomato sauce, and a medley of toppings. Whether you're craving classic pepperoni or adventurous with veggie-loaded slices, we've got something for you!

Monday - Friday 11am until 2pm

Only $7

Now Featuring

Introducing our latest addition

The breaded chicken sandwich!

Now available as part of our value meal. Sink your teeth into a tender, juicy chicken breast coated in a crispy, golden breadcrumb crust, nestled between two soft buns. Paired perfectly with a generous serving of fries and your choice of refreshing beverage.

Only $9.85


Party time

Pizza Time can cater our next special event. We have helped hundreds of people throw that perfect party without the hassle of cooking and clean up. Choose from our succulent Beef, Chicken cooked to perfection, mouthwatering Mostaccioli and enormous salads. Call us today to discuss additional options and start planning for the big day.

Whether it's a family picnic, weddings, banquets, business functions or just a gathering of friends for the big game.
Call us for a quote today! (262) 862-2656
Please allow us a 24 hour notice when ordering!

Food Delivery in Trevor

We will bring dinner to you

Craving convenience without sacrificing flavor? Look no further than our delivery service!

Whether you're busy or simply taking a break for cooking, we've got you covered. Just ask for "Delivery" when placing your order, and our team will ensure your favorite dishes arrive promptly, piping hot, and ready to devour.

We strive to make your dining experience effortless and enjoyable!

Delivery purchases = $25 Minimum + $4 Delivery Fee